Tim James Rhodes, RA. AIA

I formed Rhodes Architecture + Light in the summer of 1995 to be close to design. I wanted to be closer to and understand the people I was working with to realize the spaces they wanted while keeping my hands in the details and materials.

Josh Meharry, RA. LEED AP.

Josh’s interests in residential architecture stem from a belief that homes are one of the few spaces that people interact with on a deeper, personal level and have the ability to shape the way the residents feel about themselves, their connection with their community, and their environment.

Hugo Javier Carrion Berru

Hugo’s love for residential architecture comes from his background and his personal approach. He believes in getting to know our clients and understanding their needs in order to create unique, welcoming spaces for them. Originally from Ecuador, Hugo graduated with a bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Quito, Ecuador.


Team Taylor Kuehm

Taylor Kuehm

Virginia born and raised, Taylor’s architectural sensibilities stemmed from his pastoral upbringing.  An architecture that enhances the landscape, is democratic, and arises from its place are the foundations of his architectural philosophy.

Yomn Osman

For Yomn, being an Architectural designer is not a job, it’s a passion and a way to leave a print in
someone’s life. Growing up in Egypt gave Yomn the advantage of seeing different architecture styles and
appreciating the history that architecture contains.