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Questions You Should Answer Before Designing Your House

When my firm begins a new house with a client, and after an initial meeting, we create a customized “design questionnaire” that we think will be useful in asking and soliciting answers to a number of important questions. These questions form a framework for uncovering your needs and desires for your house, what you expect in a home (including expectations that you may not have consciously examined) and how you may plan on using your home. We ask couples and family members to answer these questionnaires separately since many of our clients will need time alone to think deeply about their expectations in a house. They may also often be influenced by others, sometimes distracted, and even dissuaded from their [...]

What You Should Ask When Interviewing a Builder

Fourteen Recommended Questions for Initial General Contractor Interviews Rhodes Architecture + Light When initially interviewing a general contractor, you will want to gather as much information as you can before making your decision about who to work with. Eventually, the potential contractor should walk through the design and plans with you. In the initial interview, you have an opportunity to assess the contractor’s experience, work ethic and personal demeanor. We are sensitive to builders who try, in the early meetings, to re-design or who quickly suggest changes in materials and construction. Let the General Contractor know that you have hired an Architect, will have professional engineering and construction documents (plans) and will use the Architect’s services to manage the [...]

How Your Architect Designs Your House

In collaboration with you and your family an Architect is trained to think about your house in an integrated and systematic way. An Architect also brings a sixth sense for light, space, your land, and your family’s needs. Architects are trained to think deeply about “home”. They seek to reach you to unlock and learn ways you will use space, to synthesize many design influences including land, topography, environment, the neighborhood and the context that will support your house; the seasons, sunlight, wind and weather, the climate, a local design aesthetic, appropriate and contextual materials and finishes, your needs and your budget. Your search for the right Architect has led you to a person you feel you can trust [...]

What Does My Architect Do?

Part I You and Your Architect Successful built projects, those that achieve the desired results for owner and users, result from INFORMED clients working with skilled, licensed Architects. ARCHITECTs are registered professionals bringing many years of education, experience, and registration to your design and documents while acting to protect you, your time, money, and your property. Listed below are phases of typical architectural services. The Registered Architects at Rhodes Architecture provide all of the services listed. However, we do not discriminate against smaller projects, which may not require or have the budget to support all of these services. We are flexible and can tailor contracts to provide whatever services a client may require. ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES The general [...]

What Architects Do Part II

Your Architect, Your Contractor, and your Building Bidding and Negotiation Hiring a contractor to fit your needs is a crucial part of this process. As your architect, we will develop a list of prospective contractors that are qualified for your project and can provide you with the end product you desire. Contractors can either be brought onto the team early in the design process or several contractors can be invited to submit bids for your project once construction documents are complete. Both scenarios have their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages. Deciding to work with one builder early in the design process will allow you and the design team to receive feedback on the design’s impact on construction [...]

Magnolia Gardens Featured in Northwest Home, January 2008

LIGHT TOUCH Rhodes brings in light and banishes the cookie-cutter blueprint Seattle Magazine/Northwest Home: January 2008 Best of Home "Rhodes transformed an existing 1954 foundation into marvelous Magnolia Gardens, a quick-to-sell spec residence." "The Glade comprises three new homes on neighboring Magnolia lots and 19,000 square feet of gardens, rocks, streams, and pools. This in-progress residence on Puget Sound features two wings linked by a central dining hall. The mix of natural tones and materials makes for a warmly inviting kitchen in the Magnolia Gardens home." "If a recent project, Magnolia Gardens, is any indication, local homebuyers approve of his function-oriented design. The modern, utilitarian spec house—which has wide, sweeping overhangs that allow the owners to use outdoor spaces in [...]

Queen Anne Residence Featured In Sunset, Sep 2004

Seamless Addition The new second floor looks right at home. Sunset Magazine: September 2004 “When architect Tim Rhodes was hired to renovate a cramped 1950’s rambler on Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill, he faced a common problem: How do you add a second floor without it looking like an addition? His solution was to redesign the façade.” “Working with the owners, Rhodes needed to integrate the second story with the existing brick-faced ground floor and avoid a top-heavy look.”. "To minimize the appearance of the home’s height, Rhodes separated the first and second stories with horizontal bands of green paint. The colors are similar in tone but different enough to be read as two layers. “The series of horizontal bands visually [...]

Norway Hills Wins AIA Home of the Year, Seattle Times 2002

Light Fantastic Honest and Smart, This Gamble Paid Off Seattle Times/ American Institute of Architects:February 2002 AIA Home of the Year Seattle Times/ American Institute of Architects:August 2000 AIA Home of the Month "Given the go-ahead by builder, Rhodes so successfully turned his pavilion concept into a three-bedroom Bothell-area house that it sold twice. Even before it was completed, it went to a young family. The second time it sold a panel of judges, becoming what may be the first spec house ever to win The Seattle Times/ American Institute of Architects Home of the Year award in its 47-year history." " “What’s really appealing is this is a very intelligent spec house, especially with the additional space,” said the [...]