Norway Hills Residence Exterior Architecture

Rhodes Architecture + Light brings over twenty-two years of experienced work in the Pacific Northwest to every building we create. We lead a first-rate group of licensed, experienced professionals and manage each project to smoothly deliver design, documents, building permit, and to oversee construction pricing and construction itself.

We believe that an Architect’s first role is to bring calm, creative, thoughtful simplicity to buildings while celebrating the playfulness of space, form, and materials. We listen, collaborate, and seek to build the individual needs and dreams of the people we work with.

Our Seattle Architecture firm manages professionals with expertise that results in well-designed and well-built buildings; acting as the central manager and point of contact for our clients. This means that you can expect your Architect to be available, knowledgeable about all parts of your residence, and experienced in managing other professionals who make up the design team… so that you do not have to.

Seattle Architecture Firm

We welcome a discussion about any of the services we provide and always seek to provide the level of service that our clients desire.

Magnolia Gardens Exterior Architecture


The art or practice of designing and constructing your building with careful consideration of the form and materials in which your building is designed and constructed, especially with regard to your specific location, orientation, and needs.

Mid 16th century: from Latin architectura, Mid 16th century: from French architecte, from Italian architetto, via Latin from Greek arkhitektōn, from arkhi– ‘chief’ + tektōn ‘builder’.

Rhodes Architecture Interior Design

Interior Design

The art and process of designing the interior of your room or building. The careful integration of the interior form, light, materials and finishes of your spaces with the overall concept and form of your building.

Interior: Late 15th century: from Latin, ‘inner’, comparative adjective from inter ‘within’. Design: Late Middle English (as a verb in the sense ‘to designate’): from Latin designare ‘to designate’.

Rhodes Architecture Field Planning


The process of making plans for something. The thoughtful development and of your land and building to best orient your spaces to the environment, light, landmarks, features, and the context of place.

To decide and make arrangements in advance to realize the best and most efficient use of space,  time, and money.

Late 17th century: from French, from earlier plant ‘ground plan, plane surface’, influenced in sense by Italian pianta ‘plan of building’.

Rhodes Architecture Home Construction Management

Construction Management

The action of carefully and meticulously planning the building of something important to you, typically a landscape and a structure.

The act of planning your building and landscape to best create beautiful and well-working forms and structures while utilizing efficiencies of materials and time.

Construct. Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin constructio(n-), from construere ‘put together’ (see construct). Management. Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘put through the paces of the manège’): from Italian maneggiare, based on Latin manus, ‘hand’.


As Architects we search for an understanding of the place in which we are building, the dreams + needs of those who use the building, and the special circumstances and constraints that will define how your life and your place will shape the space you live in. An Architect listens, steers, + creates; the environment and the context guides.

Rhodes Architecture + Light Professional Services for any new or renovated building include:

Architecture Design Drawings - Rhodes Architecture

Initial feasibility + Review of your Site

A thorough review and summary of applicable building and zoning codes, and the identification of environmental factors, codes, and restrictions.

Initial design discussion

The identification of the scope and size of the residence or renovation you desire. This process includes a client survey that Rhodes Architecture + Light has customized to identify your needs + your expectations.

Owner/Architecture Agreement Process - Rhodes Architecture

A Clear and Detailed Owner/Architect Agreement

Rhodes Architecture + Light provides a variety of services to the Seattle area including interior design, architecture and more. We will deliver a complete identification of all professional services that you may require or that you request, the specific cost of those services including an itemization of all hours, and the presentation of a simple, complete professional contract covering all services.

Construction Cost Management

Our Seattle construction management team will take your construction budget and the total construction cost seriously. We have developed, through years of experience, a process to check the construction cost of your building during design. The residences that you see here have all been developed on tight budgets using materials and construction methods that efficiently make the most of your budget. Together with a General Contractor, we strive to refine the construction cost during the design process.

Schematic Building Design - Rhodes Architecture

Schematic Design

Includes the design of the residence, site planning, the identification of all spaces, a general identification of materials and building systems, and simple, three-dimensional presentation that allows our clients to easily visualize the residence. We work with the latest software including AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp. The design process involves meetings with and careful listening by your Architect, the review of plans and three-dimensional models, and a willingness to adjust the design.

Design Development Materials - Rhodes Architecture

Design Development

Our Seattle Architecture firm has years of experience in the refinement of design, the establishment of materials, fixtures, and finishes, and the coordination of the initial design and planning work of our structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, landscape designers, interior designers, and lighting designers.

Construction Documents + Permitting

Rhodes Architecture + Light has successfully worked with the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Tukwila, Bothell, and Burien as well as Kitsap, Thurston, Pierce, and Whatcom Counties and jurisdictions further away to develop efficient plans that meet the requirements of many jurisdictions.

We create detailed, exact Construction Documents the communicate your specific needs and desires to a builder and insure that when you contract with that builder to construct your residence you can count on a clear definition of the materials, equipment, and finishes that you expect.

Our knowledge of changing Building, Land Use, Energy, Storm water, and Environmental codes and requirements makes this process as efficient as a particular jurisdiction allows. We have extensive experience of the Environmentally Critical Area Codes in the Pacific Northwest.

Bidding and Negotiation

Includes identifying and interviewing a qualified builder (or multiple builders), reviewing their contracts and your expectations, and overseeing the process of pricing or the competitive bidding of your building. We assist our clients with the review of competitive bids, contracts and agreements with qualified builders, and the negotiation of contracts for construction.


Begins with the help that we can provide in the selection of a reputable and experienced General Contractor. Rhodes Architecture + Light also has two decades of experience observing and managing construction. The documents that we provide are a set of instructions to a builder tailored to our client’s needs. The monitoring of the construction is the critical assurance that our clients realize those needs in the finished building.

As Architects

licensed in Washington State, our legal role includes representing our clients and protecting our client’s interests as a crucial liaison between the building and owner. Our team has a lot of experience in Seattle as Architects so we can assure that construction runs smoothly, and respond quickly and efficiently to a builder’s questions. We will monitor the actual materials, methods of construction, and the details to ensure that our client’s money is spent efficiently and that your building is completed to a high standard.

We welcome a discussion about any of the services we provide and always seek to provide the level of service that our clients need + desire.