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5 Questions You Don’t Know to Ask, But We Know to Address

Once you’ve decided to design your dream home, there are a lot of questions that will come to mind. It’s exciting, but the options will feel limitless, and the endlessness of choices can feel overwhelming without a guiding hand. Even more importantly, there are important factors that you may not have even considered yet.

We know building on certain land will lead to its own unique issues. Fortunately, the Pacific Northwest Architects at Rhodes Architecture + Light bring twenty-three years of experience to the table.

With this experience comes the expertise […]

How Natural Light in Your Home Can Transform Your Space

There are many different definitions of the word light.

As a noun, it’s the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible.

As a verb, it provides light or lighting; it illuminates.

As an adjective, it’s defined as having a considerable or sufficient amount of natural light; not dark.

As Seattle residential architects, we’ve made it our mission to understand how light transforms your space.

Light is essential for the obvious reasons; we need it to accomplish tasks. But if we go back to the human origin, light has another meaning. […]

Is a Major Renovation Worth the Time or Should I Just Move?

When people decide it’s time to renovate their homes, they usually come to us for one of two reasons:

● They’ve just purchased a lot or an existing home and want to design and build a new house.
● They’ve lived in their home for years, love where they are, and want to make substantial changes to make their space even better.

The first is the easiest. Your design ideas are more open and able to be applied to a new design or may be solidly in place. You might […]

4 Reasons You Should Value The Relationship With Your Architect

Building something from the ground up can be a time-consuming and at times, overwhelming process. But it doesn’t have to be. Working with the best architects can make the building experience a rewarding and meaningful one.

Rhodes Architecture + Light has more than two decades of experience building in the Pacific Northwest. We can make your vision a reality. There are many reasons you should value the relationship with your Architect. But here are just a few of the reasons partnering with Rhodes for your design project can be a […]

The Sustainable House

Sustainability Begins With Design

Part I

“Building Green” is often touted in architectural magazines and online articles as an important consideration for the eco-conscious consumer when planning a new house. Once you get beyond the glossy imagery showing beautiful houses with locally sourced materials and green roofs, you may be left asking yourself “what makes a house design truly sustainable and  what are the benefits of designing and building in this manner for the environment, my family and my pocketbook”?

When executed successfully, a sustainable house will result in overall energy savings, improved […]

The Smaller House, Part III

How You Can Have More in Less

Part III

Creating thoughtful, efficient, comfortable smaller space is a process. An example from our practice is the best way to illustrate the ideas and thought that can go into creating smaller homes.

We were approached by a discerning builder and his family to design a river-front cabin for four families in limited space. The building we designed has common living areas, bathrooms (some compartmentalized with separate shower/toilet rooms and common vanities with multiple sinks) a shared kitchen with multiple preparation areas and work areas, a […]